You will need help when you purchase a large item at Nu2u that will not fit into your car or van. We offer Nu2u deliveries at affordable prices.

Nu2u Deliveries

  • Nu2u deliveries bring large purchases to first-floor or garage, only
  • Fees begin at $25 and go higher depending upon your distance from our store

You may need a large vehicle to carry a large donation from your place to Nu2u. We will make a pickup when necessary.

Nu2u Pickups

  • We will pick up your donation of large furniture at no charge
  • We will pick up from first floor or garage level only
  • Our drivers will inspect donated items and refuse any that do not meet our standards
  • We will provide a receipt – donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law

This TWC truck is used to make Nu2u deliveries and pickup large donations

Call 708-633-9180 during normal business hours for Nu2u deliveries