Some of Together We Cope’s client families are provided with cash vouchers to spend at Nu2u Resale Shop because they can’t afford to buy needed furniture, clothes, pots and pans, or other household goods.

We are the thrift store of Together We Cope.

Managing and maintaining a successful resale shop in downtown Tinley Park allows us to issue financial vouchers to clients who are temporarily hard-pressed for funds during a time of temporary crisis in their family. The vouchers are “spendable” at Nu2u where they can buy pots and pans, clothing, and other necessities.

Nu2u Resale provides high-quality merchandise to everyday bargain shoppers as well as to the clients of Together We Cope. All of the funds raised by Nu2u are turned over to Together We Cope and are used to assist their clients. Of every dollar raised by Together We Cope, 92 cents goes to helping clients.

Together We Cope volunteer reconditions bicycles for Nu2u Resale Shop
Do you have a bicycle that has seen its better days? Donate it to Nu2u Resale Shop. We have a volunteer who loves to repair and recondition bikes.

Nu2u breathes new life into everything donated from sample wedding, special occasion, and prom dressess to vintage sheet pressers and wringer washing machines. Unacceptable items are given away to a local charity.

Nu2u Resale Shop needs your help to encourage your neighbors to donate their toys, bikes, books, antiques, collectibles, clothing, jewelry and furniture. Remember, everything you donate will be used to help a person or a family fight back to overcome adversity.

Nu2u Resale offers a pick-up service and a delivery service for a small fee. Call 708-633-9180. All proceeds are used to help others.

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