Many manufacturers have produced collector plates and a few are well-known, especially Bradford Exchange and the Hamilton Collection. Plates by certain artists can sometimes be valuable. The condition of a plate is a factor to keep in mind when assessing the value.

• MINT – A plate that is in mint condition should have its original box. The plate and box will both be perfect, showing no signs of use or wear. This is rare, but plates in mint condition are most valuable. • EXCELLENT – This plate may come with its box, but the box may be worn. The plate itself will show no discoloration, cracking, staining, or other damage. • GOOD – A plate in good condition may not have its original box. It may have some discoloration, minor signs of use, and some loss of gold sponging. • FAIR – If a plate is in fair condition, it may have cracks, chips, or crazing. Generally, this type of damage will negatively affect the value.

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