Bone China Lace figurines, sometimes called ‘Meissen-Style,’ or ‘Dresden Lace Style’ are made in Japan by the Wales China company. ‘Bone China Lace’ is just a name to call items with the crossed-swords marks shown here, because the manufacturer is unknown. These items are not Meissen-related and claims by some resellers that these figures were made “with Meissen molds” is not true.

Encyclopedia Britannica says, “Meissen porcelain, also called Dresden porcelain was the first successfully produced true porcelain in Europe and dominated the style of European porcelain manufactured until about 1756, after which the leadership passed to French Sèvres porcelain. The secret of true porcelain, similar to that produced in China, was discovered about 1707.”

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Wales China was a manufacturer located in Japan and sold items via various distributors, most of which were in the USA. For example, ⇒New York Merchandise Co. Inc., is better known under the brand/trademark Wales China than it is under its own name. On Ebay Wales China bone lace figurines range from $10 to $60.