Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen, founded in 1775, is one of the world’s oldest companies. RC is recognized by its factory mark — three wavy lines above each other, symbolizing Denmark’s three seas. After producing porcelain in Denmark for more than 200 years, Royal Copenhagen moved production to Thailand. The origin of their products is always shown on the pieces with a “T” for Thailand and a “D” for Denmark, along with “Design in Denmark.”

Bing & Grondahl

Bing & Grondahl is a famous Danish factory making fine porcelains from 1853 to the present. Underglaze blue decoration was started in 1886. The annual Christmas plate series was introduced in 1895. Dinnerwares, stoneware, and figurines are still being made today. The firm has used the initials B & G and a stylized castle as part of the mark since 1898. In 1987 it merged with its main competitor — Royal Copenhagen.

Below are some plates that have come through our store this year.