• To stay healthy in winter kids need warm winter coats, hats, and mittens as shown in this image.
    Donate winter wear: Your donations of gently-used winter clothing allow Together We Cope to provide clients with warm winter coats and whatever else is needed for dealing with cold weather. Warm coats, hats, mittens, and scarves help parents keep children healthy all winter. Donate to keep kids from getting sick this winter. We accept donations at our back door until one hour before closing. How we help: If a Together We Cope client needs winter [Cont'd]

Nu2u is TWC

  • Children’s clothes at Nu2u are shown to the photographer.
    Donations are important: Nu2u is the resale shop of Together We Cope. One way that Together We Cope helps families and individuals in temporary crisis avoid becoming homeless is by helping them stretch every dollar.  Together We Cope can provide food, household goods, diapers, personal care products, furniture, pots and pans, dishes, winter coats and clothing. In some cases they can provide backpacks, school supplies, holiday dinners, children’s Christmas presents, referrals for additional assistance and [Cont'd]

Food on the table

  • Shopping for men's clothes at Nu2u benefits local familiesShopping for men's clothes at Nu2u benefits local families
    Nu2u Resale Shop gives giant discounts on quality merchandise, and helps put food on the table for many—by turning all proceeds over to Together We Cope—where eighty-nine cents of every dollar is used to continue their mission of helping local families. Neighbors and friends of Together We Cope and Nu2u Resale Shop, who regularly donate lightly-used housewares, clothing, furniture, pots, pans, and collectibles, and those who regularly buy them are helping to provide food for [Cont'd]

Small prices

  • Get more for your money. Assist families in trouble. Be sure your dollars are put to good use. Shop at Nu2u Resale – the resale shop of Together We Cope. We help support the community by donating all profits to Together We Cope. TWC uses 89 cents of every dollar helping local families, individuals, and homeless. Kids outgrow clothes! The best way to dress growing kids is by checking the racks at Nu2u. Kids outgrow [Cont'd]

"Please know that your ongoing support has an immediate impact. Our families appreciate you so very much!" — Kathryn Straniero, executive director, Together We Cope

We make the most of your donations.

In fiscal year 2017-18 Together We Cope used 89 cents of every dollar of income providing food, clothing, shelter and other necessities, 7 cents for administration, and 4 cents on fundraising.

Thank You Americorps

Members of Americorp were here to help on Wed. Oct. 2
Members of Americorps were here to help out in the pantry and resale shop Wed. Oct. 30.

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