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  • ‘Recycling’ or, finding new owners for gently-used high quality and antique items is important at Nu2u Resale Shop, Together We Cope’s thrift store, in downtown Tinley Park. Nu2u stands at the peak of recycling household goods — breathing new life into everything from dresses, wedding gowns and vintage washing machines to antique treadle-powered sewing machines and clothes irons. Recycling like-new clothing, utensils and other like-new housewares can double or triple the lifespan of a top quality item or antique and keep them out of landfills. The best reason for you to shop at Nu2u [Cont'd]
  • A smiling mom and her daughter in the women's clothes section of Nu2u Resale shop in Tinley Park.
    Women’s clothes are always on a 50% discount at Nu2u. Warm scarves and hats are priced at $2, sweaters are tagged $6 to $8 or $10 to $25 if new. Long sleeved shirts carry price tags from $5 to $8. Winter coats [Cont'd]
  • Large furniture pickups are easy at Nu2u. New policy, effective May 15, 2019. At no charge, we will pick up large furniture donations that are clean and in gently-used condition. Furniture will only be picked up from ground floor or garage level. Our drivers will inspect donated items and will refuse any that do not meet our standards. Discuss and schedule a furniture donation pickup by calling (708) 633-9180, ext. 7217. Thank you in advance for your understanding. All proceeds go to Together We Cope. [Unacceptable donations checklist]   [Furniture rejection policy] Donations are tax-deductible to [Cont'd]
  • We add additional home decor pieces to our sales floor each day. Take advantage of the Nu2u 50% everyday discount. Don’t overlook our Friday Seniors discount. We are in downtown Tinley Park at 17010 Oak Park Ave. Buy vases, planters, jewelry boxes, [Cont'd]
  • Nu2u Resale is one of the thrift stores in Tinley Park with bargains on men's clothes all year.
    Top quality men’s clothes are always available at thrift stores in Tinley Park. At Nu2u Resale, our everyday 50% discount at checkout time means that the prices marked will be cut in half at checkout time. We price shirts from $5 to $8 or possibly $12 if new. Buy a tie to go with that shirt. Nu2u ties are marked $3 to $5 or even $6 if new. Need pants or a belt? Our belts are priced from $3 to $5, or $8 if new. You can also find jeans, khakis, dress or casual pants in good condition at Nu2u. Pants prices range from $6 to $8 or $10 to $25 if new. Sweaters are [Cont'd]
  • Nu2u has the best prices on used furniture. It’s always always discounted by at least 50%. We have all kinds. A variety of used chairs, couches, tables, and lamps are available. It’s true. Before you shop anywhere else, visit Nu2u. Try out [Cont'd]